If you smell an odor of gas:

  1. Leave the building or the area immediately. Don’t light matches, touch electric switches, use the phone or start a motor vehicle.
  2. If you have propane, shut off your tank by turning the knob located under the blue dome clockwise.
  3. Call 911. Never try to extinguish a gas fire or operate any pipeline valves.
  4. Call The Energy Cooperative 1-800-255-6815 from a phone that is not near the leak. Our employees are on call 24 hour a day to respond to emergencies.
  5. Plan to meet our service person or provide access to your home to inspect your equipment and check for the source of the odor.


Be Prepared:

  1. Practice safety drills for getting your family out of the house at night before an emergency occurs. Don’t turn lights on or off.
  2. Don’t light matches or cigarette lighters.
  3. Don’t use a flashlight during the drill because an electric arc might ignite the gas.
  4. Don’t use the telephone or cell phone because an arc might ignite the gas.
  5. Plan what you’re going to do and move slowly and carefully.
  6. Practice the drill in the daylight first.
  7. Include the emergency telephone number for The Energy Cooperative (1-800-255-6815) on your list of important phone numbers (e.g. fire, police, physicians, etc.)